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MARCH ONE DAYLY - Demo CraY~~~~See

(omdat Nederlanders de engelse taal machtig zijn
hier een engelstalig antwoord in een tijdscharnier)

A Dutch article describes and pinpoints the buggs in the Voting Systems from Advance in Democratic Paradigm in the Voting Procedure / Prison ..

this is pretty analogue to an article put forward with dr neurologisy Antonio Rossin (here .doc version) - see below a notion.

the author in Volkskrant dutch paper is puinpointing to the issue of who to become the pri-ministre .. whioch is a MASLOW perspective , so ... still the similar approach as before a vertical line , such as 2112 of pope resigning 28/2.

this launches a better dialogue for sharing answers from partakers , people as you and other ones , as me ..

What communicates??

some keys in the "mesh" / arena:

februar always was the time-keeper for the governmental form we took as leading edge .. where the other months mix up the days of the moon / memory base.
This is .. the memory base is Pelvis speak for each body / temple / human.
Quite a realisation when one was abused from that ..

the internet provides scripts and images for this catalysing key - a masculine perspective ..
We hurry on to the goal , the flesh , the smell of blood ... war ... & money as possession (institutes and the pitfall for egoic solemness, a contradicio interminis!)
The answer might be carried in the WOHLSAM plot .. pivoting the energy into a streamy influence ..
This as a challenge option for universities researching and building grassroot local esteem that encounters the NEW paradigm .. which we might refer to as a NOODIGM.
(language meanders the metamorphosis by itself!  ==>> serendipity at work )

the revelating GBS' marks for Generation Binding S'ilence ..
this is the system is an aware memory bond that needs no press ..
when there is only press in this subject/theme then it became an object to re-subject: which objectifies the form we better install equiped by nowadays instruments.
And the people are each aware of their capabuility to act as MEDIUM as MESSAGE
(this was initiated in 2 hours speak with the green venture capitalist)

STATUS scribblers Collectum
this theme has grown to become aware in some people on the planet ..
who will etwork the social media with the oncoming generations as well as the ol'army blessed by experiences and having become open developers into the new, the NOOdigm .. as NOOspher .. noussphere - "eco~we"

this as an appetizer about a mission token in 1991 , flamed in 2002 and burning in 2013 / 20x13 ..

S'aceHeartH, K'ssC

ref. K'ssC LAB

notion on Rossins article ..

The main axiom of Democracy
1. Since "Democracy" is a product of the people's minds, it is inside the people's minds that it must be built first. Where "mind" is meant to be the creative thinking function of an active human brain or do we prefer to say: “mind is calling the human for being creative and present as a whole operational potentiality”.From this axiom, some logical deductions, or subordinated axioms, follow. That are:
a - The person in whose mind "Democracy" has been built first, becomes fit to produce Democracy (and so aware voting).
actualization feb2013
 1 the building is done in a time-continuum we refer to as calendar ..
this is actually now prime time while the pope announced february 2013 as his departing duty/task/mission/stage .. 

Quite some emotions will free themselves ..

while that was the building fundamental ..
in both man and woman;
masculine and feminine hemisphere

This is what 2112 means to deliver to out time of dialogue .. and so it is not dualistic but it meanders in spheres where people meet and go together ...
KWEAK is a lable for a 9 daya a moon initiative that changes the arythmatic from 77 77 in to 99 91 ... both 28 daya a moon in 13 moon calendar ..
77 77 blocked its own free curve ... (in Dreamspell publications)
Of course Dreamspell on 13 moon mappings was a passway .. as Hugh Schönfield wrote the PASSover Plot as well as the Politics of God ... ref. Steve Engelking and YitzhaQ Hayutmen ...
(assembled in a round table conversation in noosphere mostly)
Then the dutch transition from Queen (3 or more?) to a scripted? King might bring forward the Dutch Political regaining Guiding Discourse on the Democrtic Deficies .. now with social grounds and freed people from (IIworldwar) trauma???

(no war needed to make business.
arousal is okay ~in sense of radiation
allow nesses to make contact ..)

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